The Museum Collection

The Museum houses over 10,000 artefacts, photographs and documents. Many items are donated by Ex-Ganges boys or their families. Some items come directly from the site and more are turning up all the time, for which we are grateful but takes time to list.

This page gives an example of some of the wide and varied objects on display at the Museum.  You can only get the true feeling of what HMS Ganges was all about, along with memories of those who trained or served there, by physically visiting the Museum and meeting the Volunteers in person, many of whom were Ganges Boys. 

Explore Our Dedicated Online Archives

We also have huge online archives in eHive and pBase so do explore these two resources as there's plenty of digital content to see.

eHive catalogues the Official Collection of the HMS Ganges Museum.


holds a vast collection of Photos and Information submitted by Veterans and their families.

New "HMS Ganges Revisited" Video

Please visit the Slops page to view the evaluation copy of the "HMS Ganges Revisited" video.

The Full HD version is available to purchase and download directly from Jim Worlding.

All proceeds go to HMS Ganges Museum.